how to make your smile more attractive

How to make your smile more attractive

Ever look at the opposite (or even the same) sex, they give you a really warm and nice-looking smile and you get a really good feeling about that person – whether it’s that you’re on the same wavelength, you’re attracted to them or you just want to go over and make conversation?

A nice looking smile is an important aspect of non-verbal communication. A smile is the center of giving thanks, showing appreciation, accepting a deal, falling in love, making small talk and exhibiting inner happiness. I find that when I am naturally happy, grateful for all that I am and have, I smile more realistically than when I just smile for the sake of it.

As science has revealed, there are natural ways to increase the quality of your smile. Here are five ways you can have a warm, nicer looking and much more attractive smile:

  1. Brush your teeth properly. Many people restrict their smile because they’re ashamed at the quality of their teeth. Make sure you give your teeth the time necessary to keep bacteria and plaque away. One lady I recently made gave me one of the most amazing smiles I’ve ever seen. I asked her how she smiled so nicely. She told me that as she takes care and time in brushing her teeth, she has nothing to worry about how she looks. (By the way, asking how a lady smiles so well – good or bad pickup line?)
  2. Avoid snacking. Snacks that are high in sugar and carbs are worse as they can attack your teeth using the acid for as long as 20 minuts. Bacteria feed on the sugar and may start to grow on your teeth and gums. These include simple sugars in fruits, breads and vegetables. So ensure you time your eating with cleaning your teeth.
  3. Drink plenty water. The most prominent feature when it comes to your overall health is always about water. Water will ensure your body has plenty fluid and doesn’t suffer from internal dehydration allowing your skin and lips to look smooth and sensational. Also, by drinking lots of water, you’ll prevent getting bad breath.
  4. Straight teeth. We’re talking about a good smile here so I’ve got to write about teeth. Having straight teeth is an important facet of beautiful smiling. If you haven’t got straight teeth, do your best to get some by seeing a dentist/orthodontist and the effort you put in now will be great for future years. Here are the main benefits of braces and how much do braces cost.
  5. Live a healthy lifestyle. The most beautiful smile shines from within. Working out, eating right and practicing good overall hygiene will not only promote healthy teeth and gums, it will make you feel good about yourself. Your self-confidence and positive energy will radiate out of your expression’s most important asset – your beautiful smile.
Connie Lachlan
Connie Lachlan

Dr. Connie Lachlan is a compassionate pediatrician with 15 years' experience in child health, specializing in chronic conditions and child development. Known for her preventive approach to healthcare, Dr. Lachlan actively contributes to pediatric research and community health education. Besides her professional commitments, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and volunteering for children's charities.

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