How to Become a Doula in Texas

Requirements to become a doula

You need to be at least 18 years old to practice as a doula in Texas. There is no legal requirement to have a certification or any specific training. If you are interested in knowing how to become a Doula in Texas, there are few other details you need to have in mind.

There are many benefits to obtaining a doula certification. It can open a wider range of job opportunities, and instill confidence in your clients as well.

Doula Certification Texas

Various training programs, workshops, and online courses are available to build the necessary knowledge, and skills.

Doula work is 90% hands-on, and live training sessions provide lots of advantages to your practice.

During doula training you’ll gain the skills necessary to be a professional doula. You’ll be trained in physiology of childbirth, common interventions, comfort measures, breastfeeding, and observe two to five births. 

How much does doula training cost

Doula trainings generally cost $200 – $1,000 or more. Expenses include tuition fees, fees for reading materials, and certification fees.

Doula certification organizations

Major certifying organizations are:

Classes available in the Texas area

  • The Academy of Certified Birth Educators (Fort Worth)

Types of doulas

  • Labor/Birth Doulas support women through pregnancy, and labor.
  • Antepartum Doulas serve mothers experiencing difficult pregnancy; help to lower levels of stress, and anxiety.
  • Postpartum Doulas provide information on infant feeding, soothing, and recovery tips for a new mom. Their role may also include meal preparation, and running errands.
  • Sibling Doulas provide necessary transportation, feeding, and care to the new baby’s older siblings, and prepare them for child’s arrival.
  • Pregnancy and Infant Loss Doulas (Bereavement Doulas) support mothers who have experienced loss, such as miscarriage, stillbirth, or a terminal diagnosis.
  • Full Spectrum Doulas offer support during the full spectrum of pregnancy, including birth, abortion, miscarriage, or adoption.

What does a birth doula do?

Birth doula is the most common type of doula.

Birth doulas provide physical, informational, and emotional support to pregnant women, and their families.

Their responsibilities include:

  • explaining common medical procedures;
  • informing about various options of pain relief;
  • physical comfort measures to relieve labor pains such as massage, counterpressure, or hot and cold compresses;
  • helping with relaxation, breathing, movement, and positioning;
  • helping to maximize the benefits of pain medications while minimizing their side effects;
  • offering comfort, compassion, and wisdom.

Birth doulas cannot diagnose medical conditions, or give medical advices.

How much do doulas make in Texas

Doulas can work as employees, be self-employed, or volunteer. They can work part-time or as much as they like anywhere women are having babies, including clinics, hospitals, birth centers, public health departments, and homes. 

Charges start at $ 200 per birth in rural areas, and up to $2,000 per birth in major cities.

Doula salaries vary based on specialization, experience, and location. Doulas can charge a flat fee for a birth, or an hourly rate.

If you want to open a doula service, you’ll need to invest in marketing. This includes a website, a blog, pamphlets, and hosting special events for expectant families.

What does a doula mean

The laboring women have always been cared for by a female servant, or a family member.

The word doula comes from the Ancient Greek meaning “a woman who serves.” Doula is just a modern version of what women have done for many years.

Now doulas take on the role that relatives used to play – critical support during childbirth.

Now you know how to become a Doula in Texas. If you have more details or corrections to our article, please contact us.

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