celebrities with scoliosis

Celebrities with Scoliosis

Do you suffer from Scoliosis? Do you feel self-conscious about this and feel like you are the only one in this world to suffer from it?

Well, truth be told Scoliosis is actually pretty common and, even more reassuring, there are a lot of famous people with Scoliosis as well.

I know it’s not nice to feel happy that others suffer as well, but, here it is, a chance for you to stop feeling like you are alone in this.

Celebrities with Scoliosis

Here is a list of some of the famous people with Scoliosis. As you can see some are sportsmen and this didn’t hinder their success.

Actually, to help you understand that Scoliosis (while a serious health issue) still allowed people to become champions in various sports, I have bolded out the names of the sportsmen and dancers in our list:

  1. Alexandra Marinescu – Romanian Olympic Gymnast
  2. Ashley Argota – Actress & Musician
  3. Ayesha Jones – Model
  4. Brooke Lyons – Actress
  5. Carmen Lynch – Comedian
  6. Chanelle Johnson – Australian dancer
  7. Chloe Sevigny – Actress
  8. Catherine Oxenburg – Actress/Model
  9. Daryl Hannah – Actress
  10. Dudley Hart – Golf Player
  11. Elettra Wiedemann – Daughter of Isabella Rosselini
  12. Elizabeth Taylor – Actress
  13. General Douglas MacArthur
  14. Giacomo Leopardi – Italian poet
  15. Giuliana Rancic – Entertainment Journalist
  16. Gillian McKeith – Food Guru
  17. Isabella Rossellini – Actress
  18. James Blake – Tennis Pro
  19. Janet Evans – Olympic Swimmer
  20. Jeanette Lee – Professional Pool Player
  21. Jeffrey Tate – Musician
  22. Jenny Thompson – Swimmer
  23. Jessica Andrews – Country Singer
  24. Jessica Ashwood – Olympic Swimmer
  25. Jillian Weise – Actress
  26. Jo Beth Williams – Actress
  27. John Lydon / Johnny Rotten – Lead singer, Sex Pistols
  28. Jon Olson – Olympic Swimmer
  29. Julia Burgoyne – Miss America Contestant
  30. Katherine Southard – Miss North Carolina
  31. Katie Webb Pro – Professional Golfer
  32. Kristin Kreuk – Actress
  33. Kurt Cobain – Lead singer of Nirvana
  34. Lamar Gant – World Record Powerlifter
  35. Laura Dern – Actress
  36. Linda Blair – Actress
  37. Lisa Howard – Actress
  38. Liza Minnelli – Actress
  39. Lourdes Ciccone Ritchie – Madonna’s daughter
  40. Maritza Correia – Olympic Swimmer
  41. Melanie Blatt – Singer – All Saints
  42. Princess Eugenie – Grandaughter to the Queen (UK)
  43. Rebecca Romijn – Actress/Model
  44. Renee Russo – Actress
  45. Rita Simons – British Actress
  46. Robert Loudermilk – Tennessee Football Player
  47. Rowena Wallace – Australian Actress
  48. Sarah Michelle Gellar – Actress
  49. Sarah Polley – Actress
  50. Shailene Woodley – Actress
  51. Shoshana Pavett – Opera Singer
  52. Stacy Lewis – Golfer
  53. Tutankahman – Egyptian Pharaoh
  54. Usain Bolt – Olympic runner
  55. Yo-Yo Ma – Cellist
  56. Vanessa Williams – Actress/ Singer
  57. Zsa Zsa Padilla – Filipino Actress/ Singer

Interesting enough, you’ll notice a lot of swimmers in our list, which comes to show this is a great sport for someone who suffers from various skeletal issues, but, with training and dedication, a patient can actually reach Olympics status.

How common is Scoliosis?

You might be the only one in your class with Scoliosis, but it’s a pretty common spine condition, actually. Most of the patients are teenagers.

About 3 million new cases appear in the US alone every year and the majority of these cases Idiopathic Scoliosis (found in kids between 10-12 years of age).

Studies show that about 4% of the population has this condition, so you are clearly not the only one to suffer from it.

Should I worry about mild scoliosis?

Chances are that, if your Scoliosis is mild, you will not need treatment, but you should be under medical surveillance. Regular checkups, every once in a while, are enough in most cases, so that your doctor can see if your Scoliosis is not progressing.

As most patients are teenagers, in full growth, bones look different from one year to another, so does your spine. Make sure you go to your medical examinations when you are supposed to and follow your doctor’s advice.

Can you get scoliosis from slouching?

Well, as much as your mothers will hate us, you cannot get it from slouching. Scoliosis is mainly caused by genetic factors, so you cannot ‘help’ it by improper position.

Even so, a proper posture is important for your overall being. Try to discuss matters with a medical professional and find out exactly how you are supposed to position your body, during study or regular walking/exercise.

Most teenagers have an improper posture, boys are slouching as they grow faster and don’t like being so tall, compared to their peers or family members, while girls slouch to “cover” their growing breasts.

Regardless of the reason, keep your back straight and show your chest. You are gorgeous, young and vibrant, so don’t hide from the world.

Now you know few celebrities with Scoliosis, have found out that some famous people with Scoliosis became successful sportsmen and got few of your frequently asked questions answered 😉

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