Can You Breastfeed after a Breast Lift

Find out if can you breastfeed after a breast lift. Have you head breast surgery? Find out if you can still breastfeed after breast surgery.

Nowadays more young women choose to have their breasts remodeled. Some are having breast lift surgery, while others might choose breast implants of breast reduction procedures, depending on their ideal look.

As most of these young women also become mothers, there’s a questions they ask themselves: can you breastfeed after a breast lift?

Short answer: yes, you can still breastfeed after having a breast lift procedure.

Longer answer: there are few caveats, but. again, breastfeeding after breast lift surgery is still possible and recommended.

Breastfeeding after a breast lift certainly feels different but it is still possible. With that being said, different types of breast surgeries affect the breasts in different ways, so there are a few factors influencing this outcome.

If you are planning on having more children after your breast lift, bring it up with your surgeon so that the necessary recommendations and adjustments can be made to your surgical plan.

Breast Lift Basics: Understanding the Procedure

A breast lift is the process of lifting, repositioning and reshaping the breasts by removing excess tissue and skin.

Patients will be left with firmer, perkier breasts, but if you are looking to enhance the size of your breasts too, breast augmentation can be incorporated into your procedure.

Two different incision techniques can be used during your procedure, with one going around the nipple while the other forms a T-shaped scar.

Your surgeon will look at the position of your nipples and will consider what you want to achieve before recommending an incision type.

Even though the nipples are moved, they are not separated from the glandular tissue, which is linked to your nerves and lactation system.

This is the main reason why you can still breastfeed, after having a breast lift, as the nerves and lactation glands are left as intact as possible.

Breastfeeding after breast lift

Here are a few things to consider if you’re planning on breastfeeding after your breast lift.

Loss of Function is Still Possible

While breastfeeding will still be possible, it won’t be exactly the same. Some functionality will be lost during the procedure and there is always the chance that your surgeon could sever a duct or nerve completely.

However, the right surgeon will do everything possible to ensure this doesn’t happen.

You May Need to Wait for Nipple Sensation to Return

In some cases, nipple sensation may only return after five years, so keep this in mind if you are thinking about having children after your surgery.

If it was easy for you to breastfeed before your surgery, you shouldn’t have any problems afterwards, but your milk production might be slower.

Combination Procedures Make Breastfeeding More Difficult

If you will be undergoing a breast lift and augmentation, there’s a higher chance that you won’t be able to breastfeed afterwards because a combination procedure is more complex.

Fortunately, there is always the option of supplementing your breast milk if need be.

Pregnancy Will Alter Your Results

If you are planning to breastfeed or fall pregnant after your breast lift surgery, keep in mind that it will change the shape of your breasts and more than likely result in excess skin, particularly if you’re planning more than one pregnancy.

This is why most surgeons will advise you to wait, until you have completed your family, and then only schedule your breast lift surgery. Otherwise, chances are you’ll enjoy your new perky breasts only for a while.

So, Can You Breastfeed after a Breast Lift?

Yes you can. Choose a great surgeon, plan your breast lift surgery properly and enjoy.

If you do have additional questions about how breast surgery will affect your ability to breastfeed, your best option is to schedule a consultation with a reputable surgeon who specializes in the procedure.

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Connie Lachlan

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