Can Teens Use Menstrual Cups?

The working women professionals are suffering a lot during their menstrual period time which cause them use the bathroom room very often.

Another category of women who need a better solution for this age old problem, are teenagers. They have a very active life as well, as many are involved in sports, not to mention the long hours spent at school.

Can teens use menstrual cups?

The main worry, when it comes to menstrual cups, is that a teenager is most probably also a virgin. So internal tampons and menstrual cups are considered dangerous for them.

What are menstrual cups?

The menstrual cups are shaped like a bell with a small tube at the bottom to handle it. These cups are made of highly flexible materials like silicone.

It is very flexible and, placed into the entrance of vagina, it will not misplace during workouts or normal school hours.

So during sports time, it can be easily maintained.

These cups are very popular now and, opposite to absorbents and internal tampons, menstrual cups are reusable.

The rubber like silicone is odorless, anti-bacterial and doesn’t promote vaginal dryness. The main advantage is that, once you get the menstrual cup out, you can clean it and re-use it.

So, if you want to save the Planet, here’s a great way to do so.

The regular napkins and tampons are causing problems like: bacterial infections, vaginal dryness and minor injuries of the vagina, when tampons are being inserted or taken out.

Menstrual cups are thought to be eliminating all these kind of issues.

Menstrual cup for teenagers

These menstrual cups are coming with different styles and having a capacity of holding 25 to 30 ml menstrual fluids or blood.

This will help you to work in a complete shift of 8 hours without changing it.

It can be immediately cleaned in water and can be reused immediately.

This is very best for very high flow of menstrual where the tampons are insufficient and causes material deposition inside the vagina.

There are different types of menstrual cups are available for shopping like Lunacopine , Intimina compact, Diva cup, Mooncup, Me luna classic cups etc.

Teenage girls can safely use menstrual cups, not only adult women, with few mentions:

  1. choose a menstrual cup that is small in size – menstrual cups come in all kinds of sizes, so, like internal tampons, a teenage girl should choose the smallest size first and then see if she needs a larger one (most likely not)
  2. carefully insert the menstrual cup – for someone who has never adventured inside her body, inserting a tampon or a menstrual cup for teenagers seems like a daunting task. It can be done. Be gentle and you’ll soon be an expert
  3. properly used menstrual cups will not harm the hymen – if you are careful with how you use your menstrual cup, your virginity will remain intact.

So, can teens use menstrual cups?


Discuss this with your mother and your primary caregiver. Your doctor will know for sure if you are a candidate for menstrual cups and will advise you

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